10 Causes of Website Hacking: Understanding the Most Common Vulnerabilities

most common website vulnerabilities and how to fix them

Welcome to the wild world of website hacking! As business owners, it's important to understand that your website is not just a digital space, it's your digital home and just like any home, it needs protection.In this article, we'll dive into the top 10 most common ways hackers can break into your website and give you the tools to...

Google Tricks | Make your life Simple with these 62 Google Hacks

google tricks

Table of Contents We live in the smart era of 4.0, where Google has become one of the integral parts of our life. Catering solutions to a sphere of various purposes, Google has transformed itself into a verb over a period of time. It is as simple as we say it,  just Google it.This blog is a gateway to Google...

The Who, What, Why & How of Virtual Private Server (VPS)

what is vps

Table of Contents What is a VPS?If you are hosting a blog, an e-commerce business, or a website that requires robust web hosting then you may need to know more about Virtual Private Server (VPS). This blog defines what a Virtual Private Server is and how you can use one to your advantage.A virtual private server (VPS) is often the...

php mail function not working ? wp_mail not working ? Resolved!!


php mail function not working ? wp_mail not working ? Here’s the best alternative solution.Most of the time for noobs or beginners its diffucult to setup wordpress smtp mail server only with php. But, there’s always a way, right ? Using WP mail SMTP plugin makes it easy & very simple way to set that up & save your precious time....

The Dark Side of Internet Technology | Educate Yourself Before it’s too Late


Dark Side of TechnologyThere is always a collateral payback that we must pay and there is the dark side of technology started haunting us lately. We are at the verge of a chaotic tech era where information is everything and with this technology addiction most of us don’t bother about our privacy & our personal information. We don’t even...

How to Generate SSH Key with Putty | Add SSH Key to Server


Generate SSH Key with Putty A complete hassle free way of logging in to your web server or any VPS, rather it’s safer using SSH than using Username & passwords.If someone is trying to hack in to your then he must be trying to crack your credentials but since you have setup your SSH key, it’s way to far for...

Install WordPress on DigitalOcean with VestaCP & CentOS 7 | $5/Month


The world has advanced as it ever had. End number of people who want to blog which is indeed an awesome hobby to pursue, blogger is a cool title I feel :X. Starting with high school students up to Masters, there is the huge number of students or individual who wants to blog in different markets/niche. You can earn...

Psychology in Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO Psychology

Remember when you bought that dress you’re yet to wear, while you simply “scrolled through” a shopping website on your phone. You ask yourself what you were thinking every time you see it in your cupboard.We’re here to tell you that you weren’t thinking. We, the marketers, were thinking for you. One could look at this blog as...