A hacking simulator is a software tool utilised by cyber and IT teams to replicate real-life cyberattack scenarios. To protect against malicious individuals, it is very important to have practical knowledge of how your system’s capabilities and vulnerabilities will react in real time. 

By utilizing a real time hacking simulator, you can anticipate potential attack vectors and develop a comprehensive plan to enhance your current security practices, effectively preventing possible attacks.

Though the kind of hack simulators we are going to talk about is not used by any IT officials but to prank people you want.


10 Best Hacker Prank Simulator

A hack simulator is a software application that is designed to simulate the experience of hacking. It usually includes a variety of tools and techniques commonly used by hackers, such as password cracking, network scanning, and exploitation of vulnerabilities in computer systems.

Whether you’re looking for a fun way to pass the time or want to prank your friends, these hacking prank websites are sure to provide hours of entertainment for seconds if you’d like that way.

1. Pranx.com

Pranx (also known as GeekPrank) Surprise your friends with a playful prank by secretly launching this website on their computer while they’re temporarily away. 

Observe their reaction when they return and discover the unexpected surprise.

Remember to maximize the browser window to conceal the address bar and browser frame. You can achieve this by pressing the F11 key, which toggles full-screen mode.

Types of Hacker Simulator Available in Pranx?

  • Hacker typer Simulator
  • Win XP Simulator
  • Chat Screenshot Simulator
  • Scare Maze Simulator
  • Fake Virus Simulator
  • FBI Lock Simulator
  • Cracked Screen Simulator
  • Apple iOS Simulator
  • Windows XP Simulator
  • Windows 7 update Simulator
  • Code Rain Simulator
  • Broken Screen Simulator
  • Bios Simulator
  • DoS Simulator
  • Norton Commander Simulator
  • Jurassic Security Simulator
  • Jurassic Console Simulator
  • Joke news Simulator

2. Geektyper.com

The website is all about fun and play, not some serious coding stuff. You get a fancy fake coding screen that looks so real, it’s like a magic trick! You’ve got this slick command line and lines of mysterious code flashing before your eyes. It’s the kind of stuff you’d see in those spy or hacker movies. 😎

Here are the cool hacker simulations you can get access to

  • Cyberpunk Miltech hacker simulation – Cyberpunk like cool hacker interface
  • S.H.I.E.L.D hacker prank simulation – Yes, like the marvel movies
  • COV Biohazard – COVID lab experiments & other cool bio laboratory interface
  • Resident Evil umbrella corp prank simulator
  • Aperture laboratories
  • Mr. Robot FSociety cool hacker prank simulator screen 
  • Fake Visual Studio interactable user interface
  • Black Mesa
  • Fallout Version hacker interface
  • Minecraft server hack simulator
  • MLP typer
  • Microsoft word prank simulator
  • NASA screen hack prank simulator
  • Anonymous hacker user interface
  • Tegnio – Here you can design your hacker prank simulator interface as you want

3. Geekprank.com

Offers a collection of harmless and playful pranks designed to simulate computer-related mischief and humour.

List of hacker prank simulator Geekprank offers

✏️ Fake Chat Generator for all the applications including

  • Fake Chat Facebook
  • Fake Chat Skype
  • Twitter / X
  • Tinder
  • WhatsApp
  • LinkedIn
  • Android 
  • iPhone

How to create a fake chat screenshot?

  • Select a design in the header
  • Add or remove a phone frame
  • Add a profile picture and edit the name(s)
  • Set up the messages and send it as you or your friend
  • Take a screenshot with the PrtScr button

Other hacker simulators Geekprank offers

✏️ Fake FBI Warning Screen simulator 

✏️ Basic Online Hacker Simulator with Password cracker, Bitcoin Miner, Nuclear Plant & a few more

✏️ Online Internet Explorer 7 Emulator

✏️ Phoenix BIOS Setup Utility Simulator

✏️ Fake Bios CMOS 

✏️ Jurassic Park Surveillance 

✏️ Jurassic Park Security Console 

✏️ Startup Screen – Boot Device Not Found 

✏️ Online Dos Norton Commander Simulator 

✏️ Windows XP Simulator

Fake Updates Simulator GeekPrank offers

✏️ Apple IOS 

✏️ Windows 7 

✏️ Windows 10

✏️ Windows XP

4. Fakeupdate.net

This tool lets you pretend to give their computer a make-believe update that looks real.

You can make your computer screen look like it’s getting a cool new update with fancy graphics and progress bars. You can even make it seem like the computer is restarting! 

There are multiple software based updates you can do with this tool

  • Windows 98 update simulator
  • Windows XP update simulator
  • Windows Vista update simulator
  • Windows 8 update simulator
  • Windows 7 update simulator
  • Apple OS update simulator
  • Windows 11 update simulator
  • Windows 10ue update simulator
  • Steam update simulator

5. Fakewhats.com

With this tool, You can create fake chat conversations that look EXACTLY like they’re from WhatsApp. How cool is that?

😎 You’re the master of deception, my friend! You can change the delivery status, make it seem like someone’s online, typing, or chilling away for a bit.

Time manipulation? No problemo! You can mess around with chat message timings like a time-traveling wizard! ⏰

How to create a fake WhatsApp chat screenshot?

Step 1: Visit the site

Step 2:  Input all the necessary information as listed below

  • Senders nickname, 
  • WhatsApp Password,
  • A Unique ID (IMEI) and,
  • Mobile numbers.

STEP 3: Save the screenshot & make some good use of it


The best fake hacker typer, It’s like stepping into a high-tech movie scene where hackers are busy at work. With Hackertyper, you’ll have this crazy cool coding screen that looks like it’s straight out of a top-secret spy mission. 💻🔥

Type away like a super-spy, and the screen will magically fill up with mysterious code and flashy animations. You’ll feel like you’re hacking into the Matrix or outsmarting evil villains! 🕶️🦹‍♀️

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