Medical IT Firm Exposes Vulnerable Children’s Sensitive Data

November 26, 2022

The records were unique to each patient, as identified by their ID number, and the data appears to be fairly recent. In the database, children’s records were categorized with tags, including:

What Information was Included in the Database?

1.  Attention Difficulties

2.  Behavior Difficulties

4.  Emotional Issues

3.  Autism Symptoms

5.  Social Inter Concerns

6.  Learning Problems

6.  Development Delay

the data was linked to an online interview system called Tridas eWriter. The Tridas Group LLC based in Tempa, Florida operated this system. This company offers software for schools and parents for diagnostic management of children with Autism, ADHD, learning challenges, and similar disorders.

Who Owns the Database?

Exposure to such sensitive health records entails a range of risks and can put the safety of children and their families in danger. The exposed data can be used for medical extortion or in phishing, social engineering scams, and even ransomware attacks that could have led to data encryption.

Potential Risks?