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Install WordPress on DigitalOcean with VestaCP & CentOS 7 | $5/Month

The world has advanced as it ever had. End number of people who want to blog which is indeed an awesome hobby to pursue, blogger is a cool title I feel :X. Starting with high school students up to Masters, there is the huge number of students or individual who wants to blog in different markets/niche. You can earn a hell lot of $ through blogging and People are earning thousands of $ every day, month and every year. But, because of the cost of having a website or hosting is a bit high for most of the people & they can’t afford. Even if some of our tries to buy cheap shared hosting, it doesn’t go well, & the performance [SEO + Structural] is bad of course and ultimately they lose motivation & give up. As a result, your site will be off in around 6-7 months. But if we have a really cheap & highly capable Virtual Private Server (VPS) then we can just kill it. Imaging you get a VPS for just $5/month, you don’t have to share your hosting to anyone, it’s your personal server. it’s not that complex to install wordpress on Digital Oncean & VestaCP. So, here’s one solution that I feel most of the people can afford, which is $5/month | ₹350/month

Why should you Choose Digital Ocean?

1. You get one VPS, Dedicated Server 2. Cheap & best 3. Top performance 4. Best budget plan for bloggers & individual professionals 5. The whole server is yours, do what you want 6. Best for Educational purpose

Why VestaCP is a better option?

1. It’s Free 2. You get to manage your database, SSL, mail, subdomain & other stuff 3. Add multiple sites without any barrier
Okay, Let’s get started with Setting up VPS, VestaCP & then Installing WordPress
There are 4 stages in this tutorial 1. DNS Setup 2. Setting up Digital Ocean Droplet | VPS 3. Setting up VestaCP 4. Installing WordPress We need the IP address for setting up DNS nameserver & we can only have the IP address after we’re finished with Digital Ocean VPS, so we’ll start with the 2nd stage.

1. How to Setup Digital Ocean Server

i. Visit this link & Sign up [ You get $10 Free Credit, According to this plan with this $10 you don’t need to pay for two months. You get the credit only when you’ve added any payment method] ii. Create droplet Install WordPress on DigitalOcean with VestaCP iii. Choose $5 | 25gb/ Month Plan Install WordPress on DigitalOcean with VestaCP iv. Choose your OS [I would recommend CentOS 7.5 as This is the best OS for cloud server ] Install WordPress on DigitalOcean with VestaCP v. You can insert SSH key so that you don’t have to put password every time you log in [ Setup SSH Key with putty ] vi. Choose your server [ Choose as per your target Country ] Install WordPress on DigitalOcean with VestaCP vii. Put a name to your droplet or leave that same viii. Hit on Create Droplet viii. Done !!!

2. DNS Setup

i. Go to your DNS setting & change the name server to digital ocean’s – ii. Point your other settings to the Digital Ocean’s IP address Now, it’s time to get the server ready, Follow these easy steps

3. Install VestaCP on Digital Ocean

i. Login to your droplet either through putty or directly from Digital Ocean dashboard [ If you have added the SSH then with putty you can easily login to your server with IP address, or You’ll get the Username & Password in your mailbox, You’ll have to change the password after the first login] to Install WordPress on DigitalOcean with VestaCP

ii. Now that you have successfully logged in, Run the following commands

For CentOS

					yum update
					yum upgrade
					yum clean all

For Ubuntu

					sudo apt-get update
					sudo apt-get upgrade

iv. Relax for some time as the above process will take some time……

v. It’s time to install VestaCP. Run the following commands as shown below

This will download all VestaCP installation script

					curl -O

This will install the VestaCP. Or if you want to exclude anything from VestaCP default package then Visit this link & pick your options and Generate commands then Run.

vi. During installation, It will ask for your mail address & hostname which is your site name. I recommend just putting & enter. Hold on for 5-10 minutes while it installs the Vesta Panel.

You will get VestaCP login credentials on your screen after successful installation. Don’t forget to take a backup of the Username, password and other login info provided

vii. Login to vesta panel

http://120.320.56.98:8083/ | Your IP address | the port 8083

viii. Go to Web Section & add your domain there Install WordPress on DigitalOcean with VestaCP

ix. Go to the DB Section & add your database. Copy the db_name, db_username & db_password. We’ll need it while installing WordPress.

That’s all, your VestaCP is ready to install wordpress

Install WordPress on CentOS 7 with VestaCP

i. Now it’s time to download WordPress & put in the directory 

					cd /home/admin/web/

ii. Navigate to your website using putty:


iii. Now Download WordPress & Extract all the files under the directory /public_html/


To move all the files from WordPress to Public_html folder

					cd wordpress” “mv * .[^.]* ..

iv. Configure your Database Edit wp-config.php Put your DB name, username & password in the field as shown below.

v. Now, open your website or your IP address in browser & you will get WordPress installation wizard, choose your language & click next. Setup your Site Title, Username, Password, Email & Click on install WordPress

vi. That’s all!! Now you have your WordPress ready … As you can see that I’ve logged in to the Dashboard Successfully 


Same way you can add multiple domains in one droplet by adding domains from VestaCP, I would recommend using 2-3 sites at max if you want the best performance in terms of Structural Performance or SEO Performance.

feel free to ask anything that you want to, i’ll be happy to help

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